Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death by Pneumonia

So my running for the week has come to a halt. On Friday morning... after a really nice run on Thursday evening, I woke up with a sore throat... nothing major, right? Well, by 10am I was coughing and started feeling hot, so i came home to rest up in order to be able to work Parents weekend on our campus on Saturday. Needless to say, my Friday night ended up being a fever filled, cold chilled, body turned, blanket cover, bad dream induced evening. By Saturday morning i was feeling bad enough to go to the doctor.... SHOCK!!!

Upon my showering... which was a feat all in itself since I was too weak to stand... I made my way to the urgent care where I presented the required information, but was denied service because I was told i needed to be referred by the school nurse. WHAT?!?-- was my response. Even though i am employed by the university? YES! I am not a student... I work there... I still have to be referred? YES! WHAT A WASTE. But this time I was too tired to go to another doctor or even the hospital, So i went to Walmart, got some popsicles, NyQuil and a thermometer and headed home to sleep my illness away.

Upon arrival home, I checked my temperature... 102.4 THAT IS HOT PEOPLE!!!! My brain could have fried, all because I had to be referred by the school nurse. IDIOTS!!!

I slept most of the night pretty well, but only thanks to Mr. Ny Quil and his friends Mrs. Ny Quil and Mr. Ny Quil, Jr. On Sunday i could barly move... so no doctor for me. By Sunday night... filled with drugs and bits of pieces of movie story lines that i missed due to drifting in and out of story lines, I decided i would go to the doctor on Monday before work. Before arriving at the same clinic, I called Cora, our on campus nurse and she told me I did not need a referral and if they asked to direct them her way and she would take care of them! I love her!!!

So Monday morning, I waltz in and am tested for Flui A & B, strep, mono, H1N1 (swine flu), bacterial and viral infections, and who knows what else! All were negative... GREAT!! I think. Upon diagnosis - Nasopharyngitis - AKA - the common cold. Pa-lease!!! The common cold is for pansies... this is death taking its toll on my body!!

Tuesday morning i came to work and upon coughing into a tissue, noticed there was blood in my mucous. NOT GOOD! Back to the doctor I go with no referral and coughing up blood. Final verdict after 3 hours in a waiting room, two chest xrays and a new doctor... PNEUMONIA!! This has just sealed my life in a barrel and rolled it over Niagara Falls. Six medications and $280 later... I am now on track to start back running next week with an 8 miler on Satirday. Having missed two big developmental runs on my way to 10 miles in another 2 weeks... I am a little nervous... but if Lance armstrong can do it being testicularly challenged... then I am sure I can manage with just one lung, Right?

On a positive... I have dropped 10lbs in 5 days... what a diet pneumonia is!!

Thats the thought for the day!

Much Love, CB