Thursday, September 10, 2009

Training Week #5

This week's training has been interesting to say the least. Saturday's run was 5 miles. I am still getting used to the hills and the terrain of the course, but i finished in right at 57 minutes. I am still starting out too strong and fast... but the excitement gets to me, so i am going to need some pacing structure if I am going to continue the way I am! Too fast out of the gate means too slow back into the gate!

I have also been killing myself at work here lately. This past weekend, I went to the beach with my good friend Josh and his family right after my recovery run on Sunday morning. I took off of running on working out on Monday because of rain and the gym being closed and worked 16 hours on Tuesday, so that shot that day as well. I finally made it to the gym last night (Wednesday) when i got home from work after the first Sorority Recruitment Powderpuff football game. While the women played very well... the hysterics rested in the cheerleaders. (See pictures below!) I am also proud (I think) to call them my fraternity brothers. They are a good group of guys and follow my life motto to a tee, "Work hard, Play hard, and Never take yourself to seriously!"

Although I have already worked about 40 hours in the past 3 days... and will push out another 20+ this weekend... I look forward to Saturday's run of 6 miles to cap off week #5!!!

Stay strong, Chris