Sunday, August 16, 2009

First run... 2 miles

So yesterday (Saturday) morning was our first training run. A short 2 miles, but killer nonetheless. The trail we run, Cape Fear River Trail, is the hilliest I have run since moving to North Carolina. Heck, I didn't even know there were hills in NC until you traveled towards the VA border... I was WRONG!

For the first 1/2 mile or so (all flat or downhill), I ran with a group of people, chatting and whatnot, but I eventually broke off from the group with a man and woman (I forget their names) and ran with them until the turn around at the mile marker. From there, it was mostly uphill and KILLER! I broke ahead of them during the first hill as I tackle hills at the same pace I ran the first mile. At the turn around, the woman told us how she liked to tackle hills by keeping her head down and not looking at the hill, because then she will think about how far she has to left, and I said, that's why I run with my head up! So i can see how much I have left! If I know I only have 40 yards, I am going to push and push until i get there. At that point, I looked up and bam... she was 20 yards behind me. I ran the last mile by myself back to the start point.

My friend Cheryl was ahead of me, so she greeted me at the line with people filtering in behind me. I am still not into the whole "GO TEAM" mentality yet. GO TEAM is something that we are supposed to say/yell, depending on when and where you say it, as you see other teammates in your group. I understand the purpose, it is just not something that I feel necessary. Who knows... I better get into it soon -- or I will feel completely left out!!! HAHA

BTW- I forgot to charge my camera, so there are no pictures of the trail but will come within a couple weeks. Next Saturday, I am running the Run for the Red 5K in Fayetteville but on by the Red Cross. Time to work on the training schedule and find my race watch.