Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kick Off!!!

Tuesday (8-11) was the official kick-off of our Team in Training (TNT) group. There are officially 22 people in my group. I have only met seven of them... I'm sure more will follow. If not, let's just hope i can keep up with those seven!

When I first walked in to the hotel where the meeting was being held, there were a group of people in the lobby eating pizza. I, of course, migrated
in their direction! I am still not sure if it was the fact that I thought they were members of my TNT group I hadn't met yet, or if it was the pizza. Whatever it was, I was in the wrong place and was quickly corrected. I thought people in the south
were supposed to be nice!

I walked in the correct room, signed in, grabbed my information, and quickly made contact with Cheryl. We walked around the room, filled our bags with lots of goodies (see picture) and proceeded to sit down until the meeting was to start.

In talking with Cheryl, she told us that she was planning on blogging her experience for her friends and families, as well as individuals who donated to her
cause. I decided that since I am now more removed from the happenings of my northern kinfolk, that I too would blog my experience. Thank you Cheryl!!!

Now, this Saturday (8-15) is our first run. An easy 2 miles. However, according to my training schedule, I progress up 1 mile each week for the next 8 weeks. I'm sure these e-mails will become more and more painful, not only in writing, but also in m
uscular distress!! I know this will be an experience of a lifetime, and who knows, maybe Mickey will run with me!

You know the drill,